I make functional and decorative pottery, both hand built and wheel thrown.  I first “played with clay” in high school, a little bit after college and then took a 10 year break.    One day I saw a flyer for a pottery class and  I decided to sign up and haven’t stopped since… that was over 25 years ago.
I think of myself as a wheel thrower.  There is nothing more fun then throwing a large bowl on the wheel or making a bunch of mugs.   There is a rhythm to making something on the wheel that is both fun and relaxing… though at times, it can also be frustrating but that’s what makes it interesting.
In the past couple of years, I have found that I really enjoy hand building too.  Hand building has allowed me to explore texture in a way that is different from putting texture on wheel thrown pottery. With a clay slab, one can add texture to the flat slab and then form different shapes with the textured slab.   This has inspired me to create my own texture mats with craft foam, and  my own clay stamps and rollers.  You will see these textures used on a variety of pieces in my gallery.   I have really enjoyed the different direction my work has taken.
My work is primarily fired in an electric kiln to about 2300 degrees.   I enjoy making pottery that can be used in our daily lives and nothing gives me more pleasure then to hear how someone enjoys drinking their morning coffee out of one of my mugs.
A few years ago I started making youtube teaching videos.  I really enjoy explaining the process I go thru to make something and all the different ways you can go about doing it.  When trying to explain how I do things, it really makes me think about every little step  and is an interesting way to learn more about what I do while I teach.  It’s a lot of fun to interact with people who watch the videos and hear how it has helped them or inspired them to try something new.
There is so much to learn and do… and I find that I always have more ideas then time to try them!


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